Instagram Management Services in India

You have set up your brand’s Instagram account. You have been sharing posts regularly but you still do not have the adequate number of followers. You have tried common marketing strategies used on Instagram but they are not working. It is time to let My Digital Kart, a professional Instagram management services in India help you out.

Your core competence is in running your business. Do you really have the skill or energy to learn the nitty-gritty of Instagram marketing? An Instagram marketing service can make this task much easier for you. It is not possible for a business owner to spend time chasing follower engagement on Instagram because you have to focus on developing your product and generating sales.

With its vast reach of a billion active users Instagram is the most happening social media platform today. Even if the tiniest fraction of those billion users can be made to show interest in your page then your product’s sale is likely to zoom. Instagram promotion services are at this moment the hottest marketing tool. Connecting with users and converting them to customers is the new marketing mantra.

After running your business all day and every day where does an entrepreneur find the time to be active on Instagram? This task is best outsourced to experts who specialize in Instagram growth services.

We have developed an automated Instagram account management system which offers a complete solution for your Instagram account. Your followers can be converted to customers to boost your sales. You do not need to have any worries just use Instagram management services in India and watch your business take off.

Instagram marketing services makes your Instagram followers and likes grow which in turn makes your sales grow. The highly developed automated system allows you to effortlessly acquire new followers to your Instagram account. Usually our clients show a growth of 100 to 200 followers a week and at the same time the likes their profile receives also rise significantly along with better communication with followers.

Hashtag Focus

We focus on the hashtags which are related to your business. This allows your account to attract more Instagram users who are interested in the product you sell

Targeting Competitor’s Followers

Do you have a close competitor selling similar product who also uses Instagram? We target their followers and try to get them on board.

Location Based Targeting

Are you running a business limited to a city or a particular borough? Yes? Then we target local users

Direct Messaging

Send messages to your followers, which offer them discounts or special deals and make them more interested in your product. Interacting with followers through direct messages is one of the best ways to engage users who may become loyal customers.

How does our system work?

The base is very simple. On social media if you like someone else’s content they would usually do the same for you. If you follow someone then chances are they also will follow you on Instagram. This is what causes accounts to rise in popularity and garner more likes and more followers. But do you have the time to target and follow Instagram users and interact with them? That is where Instagram management services India fills your shoes. Our Instagram Automation Plan ensures we target niche relevant users and follow their posts.

What is needed?

  • Content which has to be generated by you and the better the content quality, more the users
  • Names of competitors or rivals in similar business who are active on Instagram
  • A valid and fully verified Instagram account which is at least 30 days old
  • A minimum of 9 posts on your Instagram profile
  • The type of hashtags you will like us to focus on
  • Conversion of your Instagram profile to a business account

What can you expect?

Growth of up to 400 users a week and 2000 a month depending on the attractiveness of your content

Authentic interaction on your profile with followers

Larger number of visitors to your websites from your profile due to Instagram growth services

Growth in sales from increased engagement with followers

Important Notes of our Automation Plan

  • There is no long-term commitment. You can use our services as long as your monthly subscription continues. You can choose to continue if you wish every month.
  • You will see an increase in followers through Instagram promotion services initially but there will be a decrease in longer term. Exponential growth in number of followers cannot continue indefinitely.
  • We will not edit or change your content. We restrict ourselves to creating likes and followers and content management is done by you.
  • If you unsubscribe from our services you keep the followers you have gained till then
  • We have a very strict privacy policy and do not misuse your password or other account information.

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