Why you need to buy Indian Facebook page likes

Chances are you’re a small-business owner looking for a way to promote your brand on Facebook. Or maybe you’re an individual seeking to gain popularity on your fan page. Either way, you’ve come to the right place because we, at Mydigitalkart, will get your Facebook page the recognition it deserves.

Buying Facebook page likes isn’t just about paying someone to get you as many likes as possible. You also need to strategically plan and decide whether you need to buy Indian Facebook page likes or global Facebook page likes. If you’ve recently started your page, you may want to stick to Indian Facebook page likes.

There are over 51 million small and medium enterprises in India, but only 32% of these are present online. Give your business an edge over others by strengthening your social media presence.

India has the highest number of Facebook users in the world, with 270 million accounts (as of April 2018). Most of these users fall in the 18-44 age bracket. These are likely to be earning individuals, so targeting them while marketing your product on Facebook would be highly beneficial for your business.

If your page is struggling with a few likes, don’t waste your quality content before getting your page an audience it deserves.
If your brand is based in India, targeting Indian Facebook users makes more sense. Buying Indian Facebook page likes will help you gain visibility among your target audience.
Nothing says ‘These likes are bought’ louder than a page that has likes from countries it has nothing to do with. There isn’t a way to distinguish between an organic and an inorganic like, but if your page gets likes from countries you don’t operate in, your page visitors may assume your likes are bought. So initially, you may want to stick to buying Indian page likes.
If your product is offered only in India, buying Indian Facebook page likes makes the most sense. It’ll help your page reach an audience that can actually avail your product, which will increase your chances of lead generation and conversion.
If you’ve just started off, you’d probably want to dominate Indian markets before you offer your products to the world. Buying Indian Facebook page likes will help you reach your target market more effectively.
If you’re seeking to increase the popularity of your fan page, buying Indian Facebook page likes initially will help increase your popularity in India. Targeting other countries will be easier if you have a strong Facebook presence in your own country.

Why You Need To Buy Indian Facebook Post Likes

Whether you’re a celebrity or a business owner, a few extra likes on your Facebook posts wouldn’t hurt. Likes are a measure of success on Facebook; the more likes your posts have, the better you look online. Simple as that. But the process of getting likes isn’t that simple. It’s difficult to get people to like posts that don’t already have enough likes. This is probably the reason your posts are unable to do well, even if they’re good. The best way to kickstart your Facebook page is to buy likes for your posts.

We, at Mydigitalkart, don’t just sell post likes. We also ensure that our customers make an informed decision about what they’re buying. Before you buy Facebook post likes, you need to carefully consider whether your page needs Indian Facebook post likes or global ones. If you’ve recently started posting on your page or cater primarily to Indian audiences, you may want to buy Indian post likes for now.

Only 32% of small and medium businesses in India are present online. Strengthening your Facebook presence in India, the country with the highest number of Facebook users in the world (270 million as of April 2018), would give you an edge over your competitors.

If you notice a continuous pattern of receiving very few likes on your posts, buy Indian Facebook post likes and give your posts an audience before wasting any more of your content.
If you’re a small brand based in India, you probably don’t need global post likes if your product is primarily for Indian customers. In such cases, buying Indian Facebook post likes is the best option.
If you have recently begun posting content, you don’t want to get overambitious and buy global Facebook post likes right away. Sure, there’s no way to tell if a like is organic or not but having likes from countries you have nothing to do with isn’t the smartest move in the initial stages. So, keep it low key and buy Indian Facebook post likes first.
If you upload a post about pollution in India during Diwali and what people can do to reduce it, for instance, you obviously need more Indian likes than global ones. Spend your hard-earned money buying the right kind of likes for each post.
By buying Indian Facebook post likes, you’ll be increasing your visibility among Indian audiences. This will help you gain popularity in Indian markets before you consider targeting global audiences.

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